About Us


Welcome to our site and welcome to your number one source for information about travelling Morocco in style. If you have always wanted to see the country but have worried about giving up the conveniences that you are used to, we are the travel site that you need. We specialise in boutique hotels and out of this world travel information that keeps you comfortable and makes you feel pampered as well. Forget to rough it, with us your travel in style.


The first thing that we do is offer reviews and information about different boutique hotels that are located throughout the country. We tell you about the kind of service that you can expect, the accommodations, the food that you will be served, and so much more. We hope to provide you with enough information that you will feel at home when you book your stay and that you won’t be surprised at all when you arrive.


Our reviews will also include information about the sights and events that are available near the hotels as well. Everything from local festivals to international events will be added. We hope to cover some different categories such as art, shopping, music, and many others. Morocco has a rich tradition of art, music, and bazaars, where you can shop where you drop that, are enticing to people from all different walks of life.


Finally, we hope to provide you with a quick but thorough guide to the country. Telling you the areas that are the best to visit, showing you times of year that are going to be best for your personal entertainment preferences, and so much more. By the time you are done with our guides, we hope that you will have a bucket list of areas to visit in the country.